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        Global Consulting Hotline+086-0510-87691718(domestic)
        Lead Strip Production Line
        Grid extension line
        Wide Lead Strip Production Line
        Acid cycle battery formation system
        LS Series Automatic Lead Powder Manufacturing System
        L-type automatic lead powder machine

        Pioneer, long history, strong strengthOur company has been devoted to battery manufacturing equipment, environmental treatment equipment R&D and production, project contracting for more than 20 years, with plenty of experience for large projects implementation.

        At the initial stage of the establishment of the company, as early as 1994, the company successfully developed internationally advanced battery production equipment and supporting environmental protection equipment which has replaced imports and set a precedent, became the first professional company providing production equipment for battery manufacturers in China.

        After more than 20 years of growth and development, it has become a global well-known equipment supplier and system service provider for enterprises in the industry with assets of nearly 500 million yuan.

        The company consists of marketing, production engineering, technical quality, and enterprise management four line centers, twelve functional departments. It has four production bases, a number of sewage treatment plants with more than 500 employees, over 60 professionals included.

        Scientific management, authoritative certification, perfect serviceAdhere to the "integrity management, standardized management, professional service" business policy, the pursuit of excellent quality, to satisfy the improving needs of users.

        Regard ISO90001:2015QMS, ISO14001:2015 EMS, and OHSAS18001:2007 OSHAS as running management.

        High well-known in the industry, perfect service and good market reputation makes it rated as a well-known brand and excellent supporting enterprises by the industry association. It has established business relationship with more than 80% of the battery manufacturers at domestic and abroad and market share reached more than 70%.

        The China's top 100 environmental protection enterprises, Yixing five-star environmental protection enterprises, with environmental pollution treatment facilities operating qualification certificate (domestic sewage treatment class b, industrial wastewater treatment class a).

        Focus on refinement, continuous innovation and promote developmentApply and develop international advanced technology, make unremitting efforts for vitalizing national industry.

        It has established cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Hohai University, Shanghai OCEAN University and other colleges and universities.。

        Constantly innovate, apply and develop international advanced technology and equipment according to the requirements of industry development and the goals advocated by industry associations. We committed to providing the most advanced manufacturing equipment, environmental equipment and after-sales service.

        Every year we invest tens of millions of research and development funds to battery manufacturing equipment engineering technology research center, which has successfully developed and manufactured more than 100 varieties of products and production lines for lead-acid battery production system.

        More than 1000 sets of mainframe products operated well in over 500 enterprises at domestic and abroad.

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        Looking to the future based society Sincere respect to honor the letterWuxi Finson Electron Co., Ltd.

        ABOUT US


        Founded in 1994, Wuxi Fengchen Electronics Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 15 million US dollars and more than 300 employees. Located in the beautiful and rich tourist resort of Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, the company is a group company dedicated to the design, development and production of special manufacturing equipment, storage battery equipment, environmental treatment equipment, engineering installation and system services for industrial enterprises. The company's products have been widely used in municipal domestic sewage, mine sewage, chemical industry, textile, medicine, steel, power, petrochemical, batteries and other industries and fields.


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